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Pocket Beagles



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Our Goals
Brown Tri Mini Beagle
Our goal is to consistently produce 10 - 11 inch AKC registered Beagles.  The size of these beagles makes them commonly referred to as Pocket Beagles or Miniature Beagles.  We are striving to maintain the beagle conformation with an emphasis on health and freedom from known genetic abnormalities.
Disposition is also an important trait for us.  We want our miniature beagles to be friendly, non-aggressive little scent hounds. We began this quest in 1980 with a kennel of small AKC bluetick beagles which we purchased in Louisiana.  Over the years, we have purchased males from Ohio and Texas to infuse quality genetics into our beagles.
BlueTick Pocket Beagle
At this time all of our breeding dogs stand  between 10 and 11.5 inches and weigh around 9-15 lbs.  They are all free of any known genetic defect and have excellent dispositions.
Most of our puppies mature to between 10 to 11 inches.  It is hard to determine mature height when a  pup is very young but most of these pups weigh between 3-5 lbs at 8 weeks of age.
At the moment the color of our pups is either black tri-colored, brown tri-colored, Blueticks or Redticks.  They may be saddle-backs or have open areas of white on their backs.
Pocket Beagle, Tom bred by Jimani Brown Tri Pocket Beagle Girl (Jimani